Corn Mazes and Hayrides in Atlanta, GA

September 9th, 2019 by

an orange sign with the words corn maze and an arrow drawn on pointing to a nearby cornfield

As we head into the season of fall and autumn, the events of summer wind down, but new ones crop up as the leaves change color and the air grows colder. Soon, we’ll be covering some Halloween activities in the area, but for now, let’s look at some other classic fall events near you! Here are corn mazes and hayrides in the Atlanta, Georgia area!

Fishing Spots and Bait Shops in Hiram and Marietta, Georgia

Corn Mazes in the Atlanta, Georgia, and Fulton County

Buford Corn Maze

Corn Dawgs

Pettit Creek Farms

Sleepy Hollow Farm

Southern Belle Farm

Uncle Shuck’s Corn Maze


Hayrides in the Atlanta, Georgia, and Fulton County

Big Springs Farms

Still Family Farm



Additionally, there are many farms, such as those listed above, that offer both corn mazes AND hayrides.

There are many, MANY more options in terms of corn mazes, hayrides, and other autumn events in your area! We hope you start exploring and enjoy the season whether you’re in Atlanta, Fulton County, or a neighboring area of northwest Georgia!

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