Used All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Models Rockmart, GA

Used All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Models Rockmart, GA 

We have plenty of all-wheel drive models in stock here at the Carl Black Hiram Auto Superstore, offering superior performance on the road when under intense and uncertain driving situations. Are you shopping for your next AWD model, or want more information on the advantages of an all-wheel drive vehicle? We’ll take a look at the pre-owned all-wheel drive (AWD) models in stock here at Carl Black Hiram in Hiram, Georgia of Paulding County.

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What’s All-Wheel Drive (AWD)? 

All-wheel drive is a drivetrain system that transfers power from the powertrain to the wheels of a vehicle to move/drive it forward. All-wheel drive is named as such because all wheels receive power in this system. 

Other drivetrains include front-wheel drive (FWD), rear-wheel drive (RWD), and four-wheel drive (4WD). 

What Does All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Do? 

All-wheel drive is preferable to a standard front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive system because distributing torque to all the wheels of a vehicle, rather than just two, helps with traction and grip. This is most helpful for off-road driving situations with uneven terrain and instances of severe weather, including snow, ice, and mud. 

What Vehicles Come with All-Wheel Drive (AWD)? 

Primarily, all-wheel drive is most common on SUVs (sport utility vehicles) with most cars having front-wheel drive, most sports cars and roadsters having rear-wheel drive, and most pickup trucks having four-wheel drive. However, in recent years, some cars and sedans have begun to offer all-wheel drive as an option and some truck models offer AWD instead of 4WD. 

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Test Drive an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Model in Hiram, GA 

Browse through our online inventory and schedule a test drive with a car, wagon, truck, or SUV model with an AWD system here at Carl Black Hiram. For additional information on any vehicle we have in stock, please feel free to contact us. The Carl Black Hiram Auto Superstore is located in Hiram, Georgia within Paulding County, and serves the surrounding cities of Rockmart, Dallas, Marietta, Atlanta, and more northwest Georgia cities with pre-owned auto sales and service opportunities. 

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