How to Prevent Your Car Battery from Dying

September 9th, 2020 by

a service mechanic working on charging a car's battery under the hood

Your vehicle needs a healthy battery to function properly. If it gets damaged, constantly drained, or overworked, your battery can either become unreliable, need a jump start, or might simply die, meaning you’ll need to pick up a new one from your local auto shop or store. This obviously can be quite a bit of a hassle and a drain on your bank account if you need to replace the battery of your vehicle more often than not. Therefore, it’s helpful for drivers to know how to prolong the life of their car’s battery, which is what we’ll discuss today here at Carl Black Hiram. Here’s how to prevent your car battery from dying and how to prolong its use!

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Drive Your Car on a Regular Basis 

Proper maintenance for most pieces of machinery includes regular use. Leaving an automobile alone to gather dust means its components and parts can slowly begin to deteriorate, including everything from its battery to its tires. To prevent a battery from dying from lack of use, a vehicle should be driven at least 1 time every 2 weeks.

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Avoid Long Trips When Possible 

A battery’s job is to start your car. After that, the electrical charge duties of your vehicle are handled by the alternator. Therefore, long car trips usually aren’t a concern, at least in terms of affecting battery life. However, continual longdistance drives can still negatively impact your battery as well as other supporting auto parts and equipment and therefore they aren’t recommended. 

Equip a Battery Tender 

A battery tender is comparable to a battery charger. However, rather than charging a drained/dead battery, a battery tender is equipped to a live battery under the hood. It provides a constant, low-level charge to the car’s battery to assist with starting the vehicle. This removes a level of strain on the battery, helping to prolong its life. 

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