Where Can I Buy a Christmas Tree in Atlanta, GA?

December 6th, 2019 by

a forest of snow-capped pine trees in the winter Christmas season

If you haven’t yet gone shopping for a Christmas tree, then there’s no better time than the present! So, where’s the best place to get a Christmas tree in the northwest Georgia area? Here are some of the best Christmas tree acres, farms, and lots in Atlanta, Georgia just in time for Christmas 2019!

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2019 Christmas Events and Activities in Atlanta, GA

Where to Buy a Christmas Tree

In Atlanta, Georgia and Fulton County


Big John’s Trees

Bottoms Tree Farm

Hunter’s Christmas Tree Farm

Kinsey Family Farm

Mike’s Christmas Trees

Old Barn Christmas Trees

Sleepy Hollow Farm

Sugarland Tree Farm

Tree Elves

Thompson’s Tree Farm

Tradition Trees

Yule Forest

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What else is there to do in the northwest Georgia area to celebrate the winter season? To learn about more ongoings in your community, continue to read our blog and contact us. The Carl Black Hiram staff can be reached online, by phone, or with a visit to our dealership. The Carl Black Hiram Auto Superstore is located in Hiram, Georgia within Paulding County, and serves the surrounding cities of Rockmart, Dallas, Marietta, Atlanta, and more, with used vehicle sales and automotive service!

Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful winter season!

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