5 Reasons to Choose a Diesel Truck

March 8th, 2019 by

A black Chevy Silverado 3500 Diesel, one of the best used diesel trucks for sale on the market today

Diesel trucks aren’t for everyone, but they are a great choice for more people than are currently using them. If you’re unsure of the right truck for you, then consider all of your options, including trucks with powerful diesel engines. You might find that there are diesel trucks for sale that are perfect for your needs, which you might have otherwise missed out on. This is true for both brand new models and pre-owned options – in fact used diesel trucks offer some of the best values available.

While it’s true that, in general, the diesel truck market is something of a specialized option, it should not be seen as a niche choice that is only right for a small group of truck owners. A diesel truck can save you money over time while also giving you better performance. Newer diesel engines have overcome many of the disadvantages they were known for in the past, which makes new trucks and used models from recent years a great choice.
But why, exactly, should you choose a diesel truck? Well…

Reason #1 – More Power!

Specifically, diesel trucks offer more torque in general than their traditional gas engine cousins do. When looking at the engines in diesel trucks for sale, make sure you pay attention to both the horsepower and torque they can provide. Horsepower is important, but in some instances, torque is actually much more important. Torque is what gets you moving, and what keeps you moving when hauling a lot of weight or going up a steep incline.

The engines in diesel trucks typically offer much more torque than gas engines, which makes them the perfect choice if you need a workhorse to haul a lot of weight behind you. Diesel trucks usually have higher towing capacities than similar trucks with gas engines. In the past, the tradeoff was that diesel engines provided significantly less horsepower than similar gas engines. In recent years, however, this has been largely overcome, so diesel trucks for sale over the last decade or so have offered excellent horsepower and unbeatable torque.

If you are looking at older diesel trucks for sale, then you might still see a pretty big difference between the horsepower and torque available. Just keep in mind which value is more important for what you are trying to do. If you are hauling cargo and dealing with a lot of hills and inclines, then torque may be much more important than horsepower for getting the job done.

Reason #2 – Less Maintenance

In general, it is estimated that diesel engines can go about two to three times longer in terms of hours of operation without receiving major maintenance than a standard gas engine. Keep this in mind as you look at diesel trucks for sale, since you might find they are generally more expensive than similar models with gas engines. You pay more upfront, but the long-term savings in reduced maintenance and keeping your truck on the road can certainly offset the initial investment in a diesel truck.

Reason #3 – Lower Fuel Costs

While we’re talking about money, let’s look at the fuel costs for operating a diesel truck compared to a similar truck with a standard gas engine. Overall, fuel costs per the amount of energy produced by the engine in a diesel truck are significantly lower than that of a gas engine – some estimates place it as half as expensive. This is not always reflected when you are standing at the gas pump or filling up the tank – but overall, and over time, the costs for gassing up a diesel truck will typically be lower than a similar gas truck.

This is why you see diesel engines in trucks but not a lot of other vehicles. Heavy-duty diesel trucks for sale are a great investment because these vehicles are all about generating power – usually to haul cargo in the bed or in a trailer. Since the cost of making that power, in terms of fuel expense, is less with a diesel truck than a standard gas truck, the diesel engine saves you money on fuel over time. You need the energy to get the work done, so if you know you need a truck that can get a lot done, then one with a diesel engine is a great choice.

Reason #4 – Better Performance Overall

In the past, choosing a diesel engine meant making certain sacrifices or accepting some disadvantages to getting the added torque and longevity of a diesel truck. This typically included things like lower horsepower, more noise, and higher maintenance costs due to their nature. These drawbacks were severe enough to keep a lot of drivers from considering diesel trucks for sale and instead sticking with traditional gas engines.

Modern diesel engines, however, have largely overcome these disadvantages, or at least greatly reduced them in many respects. As we saw before, diesel engines now provide comparable horsepower to standard gas engines, so you can get just as much power and much more torque. They are no longer as noisy as they used to be – so you don’t have to feel like you are riding on an airplane engine while driving your diesel truck across town. And maintenance costs have come down as diesel technology has improved – creating diesel trucks for sale that simply perform better overall in many areas compared to gas-engine trucks.

A red 2017 Ford F-250 with a powerstroke diesel engine outside a factory.

Reason #5 – Great Used Value

All of this adds up to one final factor you might not initially think about: diesel trucks maintain a lot of their value over the years, even when heavily used. That is why you will often have a hard time finding diesel trucks for sale used or pre-owned, because a lot of owners simply stick with their hardworking diesel truck for decades and don’t want to give it up. When you do find a pre-owned diesel truck, the price might be higher than gas-engine models, but that is due to the fact that they retain so much of their value over time.

But consider this: whether you buy a brand new diesel truck for sale or a pre-owned model, you also get that long-term value. You can drive for decades secure in the knowledge that your truck will keep working for you much longer than a gas-engine model is likely to do. And if you do decide that it’s time to trade-in your vehicle or sell it, then the value of pre-owned diesel trucks works in your favor. Diesel trucks tend to have longer life spans overall compared to trucks with gas engines, so no matter what your future plans are for your truck, a diesel model will fit into it nicely and serve you well for years to come.