Is leather or synthetic leather upholstery better in cars?

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luxury leather seatsSynthetic Leather vs Leather: Which Kind of Seats Should You Get?

Ah, the eternal debates. Winter or summer? Coffee or tea? Pineapple on pizza or no pineapple on pizza? Leather or faux leather? While we here at Carl Black Hiram near Atlanta can’t help with the first three, we can certainly help with the last one. Below, we’ve laid out some of the reasons you may one type of upholstery over the other.

Is leather or synthetic leather upholstery better in cars? Let’s take a look.

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Synthetic Leather Seats

Right off the bat, synthetic leather seats have a few things that give them a leg up on the competition. They’re hard to stain, easy to clean, and durable. They’re also cheaper than leather is. Synthetic leather requires a lot less upkeep than genuine leather, too. Also, for the animal lovers out there, synthetic leather seats are vegan. There are some downsides, though. Synthetic leather gets hot quickly. They’re also very sticky when there’s humidity or sweat, as faux leather doesn’t breathe well. Similarly, although they’re vegan friendly, the materials and chemicals used to make faux leather are not eco-friendly.

Leather Seats

Leather seats are comfortable, age exceptionally well when cared for, increase resale value, and look very good. When properly cared for, leather is a breathable, water-repellant material, since it’s made from animal hide. Similarly, genuine leather seats are the most common way to get ventilated seats, a must for the hotter days and humid weather. However, as mentioned above, leather seats require consistent, thorough cleanings to stay in good shape. And while they aren’t vegan friendly, they are often times more eco-friendly than faux leather.

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