Weird and Obscure Driving Laws in Georgia

July 18th, 2019 by

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Strange and Obscure Laws Georgia Drivers Don’t Know About

Every state has its share of strange and obscure laws that are technically on the books but most residents don’t know about. Today, we wanted to take a look at the state of Georgia and some of its weird laws that relate to driving.


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Georgia Driving Laws You May Not Know About


You Can Be Pulled Over for Going the Speed Limit

Referred to as the “Slowpoke Law”, drivers in the left lane of a highway in Georgia much change lanes or speed up if a faster car approaches them from behind.

Georgia’s “Move Over” Law

What most people assume to be common courtesy is actually a law in Georgia.

When a police vehicle, Department of Transportation vehicle, or garbage truck is stopped on the side of the highway, drivers must change lanes and leave one empty lane between the parked vehicle(s) as a buffer.

No Speeding Tickets for Georgia State Assembly

While the Georgia State Assembly is in session, no member of the Assembly can receive a speeding ticket.

No Spitting in Marietta, Georgia

Relegated to the city of Marietta, spitting out of your car or a bus is illegal.

However, oddly, spitting from a truck is fine.


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No Honking at Fairs

This one probably isn’t enforced heavily, but it’s illegal to honk during a fair.

You Can Drive Without Shoes

Most people assume that driving without footwear is illegal.

While this might be true in some locations, it is not illegal in Georgia.

Still, for safety purposes, we recommend driving with shoes whenever possible.

It’s Illegal to Drive with Headphones

This one might seem strange to most drivers, but it is actually a long-standing law in most places.

Drivers can wear a single earbud when driving but cannot cover or disable both ears.

A Bike is Considered a Vehicle

Other drivers must treat bicycles with the same respect as motor vehicles.

However, this works both ways.

Bicyclists must follow all of the laws that apply to vehicles.

Headlights Must Be On in the Rain

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but drivers of new models should take note that automatic headlights don’t always trigger during the rain depending on the time of day and brightness outside.

Therefore, make sure to manually trigger your headlights when it starts to trickle and pour!

It’s Illegal to Text in a Car (Even When It’s Stopped)

This one should be one of the more obvious laws to prevent accidents.

Texting while driving has been illegal for some time now, but texting in a vehicle that has its engine running is still outlawed, even if you’re at a red light.

Drivers Under 18 Can’t Use Cell Phones

New drivers at the age of 16 and 17 are outlawed from making and accepting calls when driving.


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