What’s the best Jeep vehicle for off-roading? 

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2021 Jeep Wrangler on a mountain

Three best Jeep vehicles for off-road driving 

What’s the best Jeep vehicle for off-roading? It’s kind of a trick question because all of the Jeep trucks and SUVs make great options for off-roading, and the decision is pretty subjective. However, we’ve managed to narrow it down to the top three below. You can find pre-owned Jeep models here at Carl Black Hiram in Hiram, GA. 

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Jeep Gladiator off-road performance 

The Jeep Gladiator truck has a style similar to the Wrangler, and it also follows in its footsteps in terms of off-roading. The 2023 model can drive through water of up to 31.5 inches deep, so not only can you drive off-road, but you can cross shallow streams. As for ground clearance, it has 11.1 inches to work with. This is the type of truck you’ll want if you plan to get way off the beaten path.  

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Jeep Cherokee off-road performance 

With high air intakes and special water sealing, the Jeep Cherokee is also ready to hit the back trails. Of course, you’d never take a 2WD model off-roading, but the Jeep Cherokee not only has an available 4×4 system but offers two different 4×4 systems: Jeep Active Drive 4×4 system (for automatic four-wheel drive engagements on bumpy roads) and Jeep Active Drive II 4×4 system (improves performance and locks driveshafts for more power at low speeds). If you don’t like the boxy look of the Gladiator or Wrangler, this should be your top choice. 

2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in a mountain valley

Jeep Wrangler off-road performance 

Probably the most iconic off-roader of its generation, the Jeep Wrangler offers an astounding 33.5 inches of water fording for its 2023 model year, plus plenty of ground clearance, articulation, traction, and maneuverability. The Jeep Wrangler would probably be our top choice for off-road driving, and you can find used Wrangler models at our dealership for less than new-vehicle prices. 

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