Vehicle Maintenance Coupons in Hiram, GA for 2019

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check engine dashboard light on in a car

Where Can I Get a Free Diagnosis for My Check Engine Light in Hiram, GA? 

Carl Black Hiram Auto Superstore offers vehicle maintenance coupons throughout the year. These coupons can vary from time to time, but we have one that will last through 2019. It’s a free diagnosis for your check engine light, available at Carl Black Hiram Auto Superstore.

If your check engine light is on, it is vitally important to get it checked out in order to make sure that it isn’t a serious problem and to get any necessary repairs. Read on below to learn about our current maintenance offers and our services here at Carl Black Hiram.  

Carl Black Hiram Check Engine Light Coupon for 2019 

Any of our current service coupons can be found through our website. You just need to navigate to our Service Specials page under the Specials drop down menu, or click the link here. The check engine light diagnostic coupon is good through December 31, 2019, which gives you plenty of time to use it, though we do recommend getting your vehicle looked at ASAP if the check engine light is currently lit up.

A multi-point inspection also comes with that coupon, just to make sure your vehicle is in good overall condition. If your vehicle’s check engine light is on or you simply want to ensure that your vehicle is running properly, then print this coupon and bring it in to our service team.  


What Makes a Check Engine Light Come On?

One of the reasons why we offer our customers this free check engine light diagnostic and free inspection is simply because the check engine light is a dashboard warning that is critical to pay attention to. Why is it so important? Well, the check engine warning light can cover a wide variety of vehicle problems. Some are less severe, but others are much more so.

That’s why it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry and bring your vehicle in as soon as you see that light come on. To make sure there are no financial concerns keeping you from coming in, we like to offer this coupon.

diagnosing car problems with a laptopSome of the reasons why that light might turn on include problems with:

  • ignition coils
  • catalytic converter
  • spark plugs
  • mass airflow sensor
  • thermostat
  • fuel cap
  • fuel injector
  • oxygen sensors
  • and more…

Other vehicle maintenance services at Carl Black Hiram  

Check out this page with pricing for our other maintenance services. We handle anything that your vehicle needs. Our services include the following: 

  • A/C service 
  • Brake fluid flush 
  • Power steering flush 
  • Coolant flush 
  • Complete fuel system service 
  • Transmission fluid exchange 
  • Transfer case service 
  • Cabin or engine air filter replacement 
  • Tire rotation 
  • And more 

Keep up with regular maintenance to improve the life expectancy of your vehicle. To schedule an appointment, you can fill out the form on our website or contact our service team. The phone number for our service team is (877) 863-6933. We look forward to helping you with your vehicle at Carl Black Hiram Auto Superstore.

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