Do I need a truck with locking differentials?

October 3rd, 2023 by
locking rear differentials sitting on a wooden table

How locking differentials work and the benefits of using them  Locking differentials are components in a vehicle’s drivetrain that help manage the distribution of power between the wheels. They are designed to address issues related to traction differences between the wheels, which can occur when one wheel loses grip on the road surface. If you’re…

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Top off-road features to look for in used trucks

September 11th, 2023 by
2023 Ford F-150 driving on rocks

How to find off-road-ready vehicles for sale in Hiram, GA  When searching for a used truck for off-road adventures, there are several key features and components to consider. Use our online inventory to look for used trucks with the top off-road features listed below in Hiram, GA. The Carl Black Hiram team is here to…

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Tips for financing your commercial vehicle purchase in Hiram, GA

June 16th, 2023 by
2023 Ford F-550 Super Duty side view

What steps should I take to get the best deal for my business vehicle?  If you’re looking to finance your commercial vehicle purchase, Carl Black Hiram in Hiram, GA, is here to help. We understand that finding the right financing options can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled some valuable tips to assist you in making…

How much extra ground clearance do lifted trucks offer?

May 23rd, 2023 by
2023 Ford F-350 Super Duty Lariat side view

Benefits of extra ground clearance in lifted trucks  Lifted trucks have always been a symbol of power and capability. They dominate the roads with their commanding presence. One thing that sets lifted trucks apart from other vehicles is the additional ground clearance they offer. Below, you can learn about how much ground clearance they offer,…

Used work trucks for landscapers and lawn care professionals

May 22nd, 2023 by
2023 Chevrolet Silverado HD in a field

Should I get a used work truck for my landscaping business?  As a landscaper, you understand how important it is to have a reliable work truck. The right work truck makes it easier to haul equipment, transport materials, and maneuver over various terrains. However, finding the perfect vehicle can sometimes be a daunting and costly task….

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Top truck features for construction workers

May 10th, 2023 by
An orange slow down sign by a road

What should I look for when purchasing a truck?  We understand the unique demands of the job, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of top truck features for construction workers. From comfortable seating options to cutting-edge connectivity features, let’s dive into the best truck features for construction workers. 

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Where to find commercial trucks for sale in Hiram, GA

April 27th, 2023 by
2023 Chevrolet Silverado side view

What dealership offers work trucks for small businesses?  Carl Black Hiram is your one-stop shop for all your commercial truck needs! We are excited to offer our extensive inventory of commercial trucks for sale to business owners and their hardworking employees. Keep reading below to learn more about how to find your next work truck…

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Should I buy a pre-owned work truck for my business?

April 11th, 2023 by

Five benefits to choosing a pre-owned commercial truck  If you’re a business owner in need of a work truck, you may be considering whether to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle. While there are certainly advantages to buying a brand-new truck, there are also many benefits to purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. We offer pre-owned commercial…

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How to find a pre-owned heavy-duty truck for your small business

January 18th, 2023 by
Ford F-150 truck on a work site

Used work trucks available in Hiram, GA  The job gets a whole lot easier when you have the right truck to tow, haul, and keep you connected. We offer pre-owned heavy-duty trucks and work trucks for drivers in the Hiram, GA, area. If that’s you, we’d love to see you here at Carl Black Hiram…

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What if my used car didn’t come with an owner’s manual?

November 11th, 2022 by

Digital owner’s manuals for pre-owned vehicles  When you purchase a new car, it’ll come with an owner’s manual from the manufacturer. This small booklet will tell you everything you need to know about using and taking care of your vehicle. When we buy and sell vehicles, sometimes they might have an owner’s manual, but there’s…

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