What is the Most Popular Car Color?

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Most Popular Car Colors in the World, Nation, and State

What is the most popular car color? Of course, that’s a complicated question. What’s the most popular car color worldwide? What’s the most popular car color in America? What’s the most popular car color in our great state of Georgia? Luckily, we’re here to answer all of those questions today!




There’s a lot of data to go through here, so be aware that some of these figures may change slightly depending on which car color popularity report or survey you look at.

However, by and large, the figures should remain accurate.

Most Popular Car Color in the World

First, let’s look at the big picture.

According to the Axalta Global Automotive 2018 Color Popularity Report, published in January 2019, the percentage of car popularity is ranked as follows:

Percent (%)


Most Popular Car Color in the USA

Next, let’s look at a national level, which ranks pretty similar to the global metrics.

However, we can see some changes.

black car cartoon splashes with blue, green, and orange paint
a wallpaper pattern of different colored cars, trucks, vans, buses, and more

From the same report, colors like white, black, and gray retain their positions, but not their same percentages.

The biggest change moving from global to national rankings in America is the presence of actual color!

That is to say, colors like red, blue, green, and even more obscure ones like orange, yellow, and purple, get a significant bump with American drivers in comparison to the worldwide automotive market.

Most Popular Car Color in Georgia

From this study, we see the greatest variation.

Connecticut’s favorite car color is ‘Green’, an increase of 38% over the national average.

Indiana’s favorite car color is ‘Orange’, an increase of 41.1% over the national average.

As for Georgia?

The most popular car color for Georgia drivers is ‘Gold’, an increase of 17% over the national average.

Other Car Color Popularity Facts


  • For the most part, the most popular colors are less flashy, ‘neutral’ colors, such as Black, White, and Gray 

  • Younger drivers are more likely to purchase cars with bright colors

  • Drivers favor White for large vehicles (full-size SUVs, large trucks) 

  • Drivers favor Silver for luxury vehicles 

  • Cars with popular colors are worth more in terms of resale value

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