Should You Get a Gas or Diesel Pickup Truck?

June 26th, 2019 by

2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel exterior shot with gray metallic paint color parked in a grass clearing near an old and rusty bridge

Pickup Trucks: Gas vs Diesel

If you’re shopping for a new truck, which kind should you get? Should you get a pickup truck with a gasoline engine or one with a diesel engine? What are the differences between these truck types? Which pickup truck build is better? We’ll compare gasoline-engine pickup trucks and diesel-engine pickup trucks today to see the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

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Engine Power

In terms of engine power output:

On average, gasoline trucks have more horsepower. This is because gas burns much faster than diesel, allowing gasoline engines to rev much higher than their diesel counterparts.

On average, diesel trucks have much more torque. This is because diesel engines have much higher compression ratios than gasoline engines.

So, which is more important to your truck’s performance? We’ll touch upon that later.

Fuel Economy

The gap has been getting narrower over the years as car technology and designs improve, but diesel trucks still hold a distinct advantage in fuel economy over their gasoline engine-equipped counterparts.

The reason for diesel engines having better fuel economy than gasoline engines is because diesel (pound-for-pound) has more energy than gasoline, leading to more power produced when converted.

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In terms of initial cost, that being the sales price at a dealership, gasoline trucks have the advantage.

Comparing gasoline and diesel trucks of similar builds, the gasoline truck will often be less expensive.

However, diesel trucks have their own cost advantages, including fuel economy mentioned above and our next section of comparison.


Diesel pickup trucks are built to handle much higher compression ratios than gasoline pickup trucks. This leads to much less depreciation and therefore a longer vehicle lifespan, meaning diesel trucks are often viewed as more reliable, durable, and trustworthy.

Due to their durability, diesel trucks also have a much higher resale value than gasoline trucks.

Maintenance Costs

Diesel trucks are more durable than gasoline trucks, so they have fewer maintenance problems than gasoline trucks if properly taken care of.

However, repairs to diesel trucks can be more expensive than repairs to gasoline trucks. Diesel models use more oil and fluids and have more filters and unique components to deal with, meaning there’s are more parts and time factored into repair costs.


Gasoline engines and builds are lighter than those of diesel trucks, which allows them to manage heavier payloads when under stress.

The power of a diesel truck will still be beneficial when hauling a heavy payload, but the lighter weight of a gasoline engine gives it a small advantage in this arena.


Gasoline trucks can still tow and haul large loads for short distances.

However, diesel trucks are the better match, especially if you plan to tow off-road or on highways for long stretches of time. The higher torque at lower RPMs gives diesel trucks much better control with better fuel economy and the more durable builds of diesel trucks mean they can haul more and for longer.


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