Top 10 Camping Accessories and Gear for Pickup Trucks

May 11th, 2020 by

a couple sitting outside of a pickup camping truck with a ladder leading up to a tent on roof

Are you an avid camper, or do you want to become one? What kind of camping gear and accessories can you fit onto, or into, your pickup truck? From Carl Black Hiram, here are our Top 10 camping accessories and gear for pickup trucks!

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1. Air Mattress

Sleeping on the ground not your style? Try an inflatable air mattress for your truck bed. Specialized mattresses fit over the wheel wells in truck beds to create a perfect fit and to ensure a good night’s sleep.

2. Awning

Whether for sleeping or relaxing, an attached awning on your vehicle can help block out sun and rain to ensure a comfortable bit of shelter.

3. Cargo Box

It says what it is on the tin. A big box for your cargo needs, organized for maximum packing purposes. Throw it in your bed, the back of your cab, or on your roof rack. 

4. Camping Heater

Are you going camping somewhere cold or overnight? Blankets are great, but you might want to bring along a space heater as well. Power sources for heaters can be propane tanks or your own vehicle. 

a rental car white vehicle with camping gear attached as it drives across a desert road
a black vehicle with a roof rack and cargo box attached


5. Camp Shower

Out camping for the long haul? You might be in need of a portable camp shower. With a few gallons for its water tank, you can wash up anywhere. 

6. Cooler

For refrigeration, you can bring along a cooler, have one integrated into your cabin, or fill your entire truck bed up with ice and put a cover on it. Additionally, some exclusive truck features, like the RamBox cargo management system, are tailor-made for something like this. 

7. Flat Tailgate

Are you going to be cooking a lot? A flat tailgate is a necessity for spacing out plates and ingredients. Some trucks have a flat tailgate feature builtin. Additionally, you can buy an accessory or bring along a firm sheet of plastic of wood.

8. Mounted Grill

Usually mounted on the hitch, this accessory helps make the perfect BBQ spot the back of your truck!

9. Roof Racks

A basic starter for most cargo and camping purposes. Truck roof racks can be placed above the cab, or more elaborate ones can extend across the bed and fix to the bumper for a lot more cargo space.

10. Tent

A pickup truck tent can be set up easily for your truck bed, keeping pests and inconvenient weather out of your way overnight.

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What other equipment and accessories would you recommend for camping? There are plenty of options including cookware, gas containers, generators, sleeping bags, toiletries, and more! For additional ideas concerning vehicle customization and accessories, please continue to read our blog and contact us here at the Carl Black Hiram Superstore!

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