How Do I Protect My Car from Summer Heat and Sunlight?

July 20th, 2020 by

a protective reflective blanket place across the windshield of a blue car to absorb and reflect heat and sunlight

Summer is here, and the heat along with it. For drivers without the privilege of a garage, that means they need to be wary of the damage that heat and sunlight can do to their vehicles. Heat and sunlight can wear away at car upholstery (deteriorating and cracking seating material), dry out car components and fill them with dust, and just make the experience of getting around town a hot and humid mess. So, what can you do? Here’s how to protect your car and driving experience from the heat and sunlight of the summer season!

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How Do I Protect My Car from Summer Heat and Sunlight? 

Sunlight is always an issue, year-round, but can be far more prominent during the summer depending on where you live, especially when it’s bringing heat along with it. Meanwhile, heat is far more intense during the summer months. Ways to protect the exterior and interior of your car from the heat and sunlight of summer include: 

Apply Conditioner/Moisturizer to Seats (Depends on Material)

Check/Fix Air Conditioning

Check/Replace Battery

Check/Fix Cooling System

Check/Refill Fluid Levels

Install Seat Covers

Park in the Shade (When Possible)

Regularly Wash and Dry Exterior

Tint Windows

Use a Windshield Sun Protector

Wax Your Car

Wipe Down Dashboard with Microfiber Cloth

a hand replacing an air cabin filter
a reflective sun shade place under the windshield inside a gray car with a thermometer graphic



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